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  1. Are you a slut?

  2. Are you prepared to lick perpetual pussy?

  3. Do you know how to suck and service girls AND boys?

  4. Do you get hard and wet when thinking about getting fucked in your little hole?

  5. Have you a  teeny Weeny? Or do you refer to it as a clit?

  6. Are you wearing panties?

  7. Are you wearing heels or nylons?

  8. Do you have lipstick on, or do you like to wear it?


If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, 

then YOU are a naughty SLUT!

You need to be used don't you?  It's ok that you love the feeling of being on your back with your legs spread wide, like a nasty little whore, begging for cock to suck or fuck .  You know you need to tell somebody, what a whore you really are.  The only question is, are you slutty enough to make the next move ?  You know what you need to do, call me, so I can use YOU like the slut that you are...